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Who uses WeTravel?

WeTravel is used by individual organizers, travel companies and yoga retreat leaders to collect payments, facilitate communication and manage all aspects of a group trip.

In addition, organizers can list their group trips on WeTravel’s marketplace if they wish to find more travelers.

How much does it cost to use WeTravel’s booking platform to organize my trip?

WeTravel currently does not charge any fees for our platform. This includes collecting and transferring payments.

Participants who join a trip also use WeTravel completely free of charge, provided that they pay for their trip with a US checking account. Participants can choose to pay by credit card during checkout. In this case, the credit card fees are paid by the participants.

In the future, WeTravel may introduce a modest transaction fee to cover our operating costs. We will have special pricing for our early users who process their bookings under our current free plan. It pays to be an early adopter!

How much does it cost to list my trip in the WeTravel marketplace?

Group travel organizers that wish to promote their trips in our marketplace can create a beautiful, SEO friendly listing completely free of charge.

You might attract additional participants to your group by listing your trip on WeTravel. Effective January 1, 2017, we will charge a service fee of 10% for every successful booking that originated via the WeTravel site rather than your own marketing efforts. This fee applies whether the participant pays you directly or via WeTravel. There are no hidden charges or credit card fees.

Any participants that book on WeTravel thanks to your own marketing efforts are not subject to a service fee, even if your trip is listed in our marketplace.

How do I collect money on WeTravel?

Create your trip page and share it with your participants. Guests can book instantly via your customized trip page. You will immediately be able to use all of WeTravel’s features to help you organize your trip.

Who can list on the public WeTravel marketplace?

Individual organizers as well as companies can list their retreat free of charge in the WeTravel marketplace according to the following guidelines:

  • The cover photo must be high resolution and may not contain text
  • If a user lists multiple trips, they must have different titles and cover photos
  • Your page cannot contain links to your own website or other travel websites
  • You may not list classes or short workshops in the WeTravel marketplace
  • Anyone listing must add a link on their website to the WeTravel marketplace
  • All listings must be in English

I created my trip. Why isn’t it appearing in the WeTravel marketplace?

All listings in our marketplace are reviewed for quality and manually approved.

Your listing will be approved within 1-2 business days or we will contact you for clarifications.

Can I use WeTravel for private trips (only visible to my friends) ?

Yes, in fact the large majority of organizers use WeTravel as a tool for organizing private trips. If you choose to make your trip private , only people with the unique link to your trip page will be able to see it.

How does WeTravel handle financial data?

WeTravel does not store any financial or sensitive user data on WeTravel servers. User data such as credit card numbers, bank accounts or SSNs are immediately and securely transmitted to our payment provider. Our payment provider is Stripe (, one of the world’s leading payment providers, used by many large internet companies such as Facebook and Twitter. WeTravel can initiate certain financial transactions (e.g. refunds of payments) but does not have access to the user’s financial data at any time.

What happens to the money from my travelers after they book?

When trip organizers collect payments for their trips through WeTravel, the payments go directly to our payment provider Stripe (, one of the world’s leading payment providers, used by many large internet companies such as Facebook and Twitter. The funds are temporarily held by Stripe until the trip organizer decides to transfer the funds to his or her own account(s) or to a third party’s account. Throughout this process, the funds are securely deposited at Stripe. WeTravel never deposits, transfers or manages traveler payments within its’ own bank accounts.

When will I receive the funds collected from my travelers?

WeTravel transfers the funds upon the organizer’s request as soon as they have cleared. This takes 2-3 days for credit card payments and 5-10 days for bank transfers.

Should I organize everything myself or should I work with a travel agency?

If you plan to organize a trip for 5 or more customers, we recommend that you work with a local travel agency that assists you with the accommodation bookings and certain other arrangements. Local travel agencies in the destination countries are often more cost effective than specialized travel agencies in the US. WeTravel has connections to many amazing travel agencies around the world. Contact us if you have an itinerary you would like to organize. We can help find you a partner agency to work with in your destination country.

What should I include in the “Trip Overview” and the “Before you Go” sections?

The “Trip Overview” should give the traveler an idea of the type of experience they should expect. For example, will you be taking local transportation,, or renting private transportation? What will a typical day look like on your trip? Feel free to get as detailed as possible! In the “Before you Go” section, you can include things like weather conditions, a suggested packing list, and information about required visas.

How do I organize an amazing trip?

Make it personal!!! We’ve discovered that the difference between a good trip and an amazing trip is when the travel organizer shows the participants not only well-known tourist attractions, but also the places that play a central role in the day-to-day lives of locals.This can mean visiting places that are culturally or historically significant as well as those that are off-the-beaten-path and provide unique access to local art, food, or music, for example.

Can I refuse a customer?

Like any other service provider, you have the right to refuse service. If you offer a trip in our public marketplace and you want to refuse service to a customer that has booked a trip with you, you should do so within 24 hours of the booking.

It’s my first time organizing a group tour, can I still be a trip organizer?

WeTravel is specifically set up to encourage first time trip organizers. We can assist you with the organization and help you promote your trip.

Is WeTravel the trip organizer?

WeTravel is a platform that connects travel gurus with travelers. WeTravel supports the trip organizer in advertising the trip, coordinating travelers’ bookings and collecting money. However, the responsibility for the trip lies with the trip organizer.

If you have any more questions, please Contact us